It really is no fun at all. Take a look at our ThinkPads. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Again, sorry for the flurry of questions. You’re either looking at a press image, or the back side. If I try to open the property page for it, it takes about 10min to bring up or do anything on it.

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Does anyone know if there are any noticeable performance differences between any of these “Intel ” cards?

Best replacement WiFi card for X61? – Thinkpads Forum

I think the burden of proof lies with Intel here, considering past history, but we’re of one mind in wishing to see more data. X61 wireless 6 of Knowledge is a wirelesss friend when no x61 wireless sets the rules The presumed new cards on places like Amazon and Newegg are the bare unshielded kind.

I’m about to format and switch to debian!!! When I have my wireless turned on.

One cannot afford to be a brand loyalist when it comes to such an x61 wireless field. Best replacement WiFi card for X61?


[SOLVED] – wireless no longer working – lenovo x61s

This button is hidden if the laptop is mounted on an X6 docking station. April 8th, x61 wireless.

Lovely day for a Guinness! Some help on this would be great. Also, what does the 3rd antenna do on the ThinkPad, does it make It was more than just a generation or two. Now I understand they are separate streams.

Using either of those two cards, I can rarely, if ever, tell the wureless between using wired and wireless. Like the version of X61 wireless they support, range, throughput, etc? x61 wireless

IBM Lenovo ThinkPad X61 Wireless WiFi Card 42T0873

I thought the three antennae were for diversity. I think we both know that Atheros traditionally beat Intel on sensitivity. x61 wireless

I thought this is what warranties are for. Does that mean that Bluetooth is not available on the three antenna version?

Or are those lines actually solder left over from removing the shield? Any x61 wireless all input is great appreciated. I’ll come back to it if I ever score a copy of one of the Mac OSs.


The Wifi will work for about 5min, then no connectivity. Intel can take 3 antennas, but x61 wireless can use it with only 2 x61 wireless, which just makes it a 62xx.

However, I’m not closed-minded to Intel possibly surpassing Atheros. Do you want to use wireless AC?

T61p PMs requesting personal tech support will be ignored. Board index All times are UTC X61 wireless right Palm is hot to the extent that I am uncomfortable.

I took it to the service provider. Can I mail it in to you and you deal with it? After the holidays I will have my nice wireless AC router back, and I can do some tests in x61 wireless apartment with the 5Ghz band and with some x61 wireless wireless cards as well.